Sky-Linx Aerial Insurance for Small UAV/UAS

Introducing Sky-Linx Aerial Insurance for small UAV/UAS - a complete, comprehensive general liability insurance package!

  • Sky-Linx Aerial Insurance is a comprehensive general liability insurance package protecting you from claims that occur as a result of bodily injuries to the general public, or from damage to the property of others.

Includes Standard Protection Limit of $500,000 per occurrence/ $1,000,000 aggregate

Additional Limits available - contact a licensed Sky-Linx Professional

  • Designed for "Small UAV/UAS" - those with a payload under 55 lbs.
  • Annual Policy Premium rates as low as $1,000!

Discounts available with completion of a Sky-Linx Certified "UAV/UAS Flight Operations Safety" Program

  • $300 Deductible on Property Damage Claims.  No Deductible for Bodily Injury Claims.
  • Blanket unlimited "Additional Insured" for only $250.
  • Administered by USMC, a veteran-owned boutique insurance MGA company, rated A VIII (AM Best & Co.).
  • We insure a variety of Aerial Operations.
  • We cover everything from large fleets to hobbyists!
  • Fly safely and confidently with the protection of Sky-Linx Aerial Insurance.
  • Available in ALL 50 STATES!
  • Designed specifically for the emerging Remote Controlled Unmanned Aircraft industry.

Have a Question?  Please contact a Sky-Linx Professional, we're here to help!

Phone:  (717) 742-5469



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